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Shiren Patel

Innovation Technology Consultant & Interim Head of the Digital Research Environment

Shiren joined DRIVE in 2022 as the Innovation Technology Consultant to facilitate implementation and provide direction for DRIVE’s Data and Digital Strategies.


In September 2023, Shiren took on the additional role of Interim Head of the Digital Research Environment (DRE). Shiren is responsible for setting the DRE strategy to leverage multimodal data with cutting-edge AI techniques, adhering to best practices in software engineering and Reproducible Analytical Pipelines (RAP). This strategy fosters expansion of data, platforms, and applications, including federated analytics, which will fuel collaborative efforts and advanced research in paediatric diagnosis, treatment, and care.


Shiren initially joined GOSH in 2021 as the Head of Enterprise Applications and has extensive experience in IT and digital infrastructure roles within the NHS.

Shiren Patel
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