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DRE Team

William Bryant V04 07-09-22.JPG

Dr Will Bryant, Clinical Intelligence Unit Lead

Will has worked in the DRE team at GOSH since 2018 as a data scientist, consulting on all aspects of research in the Trust especially regarding data science, programming and maximising the use of research infrastructure. 


He has a particular focus on strategic and operational analytics and aspires to integrate reproducible analytics pipelines and open code into standard innovation practice in the NHS. Will has a background in computational biology and has a PhD in biochemical engineering. 

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Daniel Key, Senior Data Engineer 

Daniel started at GOSH in 2020, working with the DRE team to create and nurture systems that bring good data to the right places.


He has around 12 years’ experience in medical data, including leading the data function at a health start-up (33N) while they delivered a national programme (CLEAR) for NHS workforce/service redesign; and building the data collection and delivery systems for a long-term cohort study (SABRE) about ethnic disparities in cardiovascular outcomes at Imperial and UCL. He also brings experience from other sectors including includes financial services. 

Lydia Briggs 18-10-23.JPG

Dr Lydia Briggs, Data Scientist 

Lydia joined GOSH in 2020 as a Data Scientist and is involved in the development of dashboarding and machine learning tools to help operational projects within the Trust. Additionally, she provides analytical and statistical support for clinicians and researchers using data provided by the DRE. 

Lydia has a background in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry and previously worked in academia where her PhD specialised in crystallography refinements and synchrotron science in locating gaseous binding sites in porous materials for applications involving clean air technologies.  

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Mohsin Shah, Data Engineer 

Mo joined GOSH in 2020 as a Data Engineer. His main priority is to gather requirements from users of the DRE and make sure they get the data they need.   

Pavithra Rajendran V02 23-09-22.jpg

Dr Pavithra Rajendran, Senior Data Scientist (Natural Language Processing)

Pavi joined the team in July 2022 and has around 7 years of academic and commercial experience as an NLP (Natural Language Processing) specialist.


Previously, worked at KPMG UK as an NLP data scientist and has experience using both traditional and deep learning-based NLP techniques for various client projects in both public and private sectors, from Proof-of-Concept to Production (Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Travel, Finance etc.) and, translating academic knowledge/research for commercial settings as well as latest commercial technologies by identifying the gaps and presenting with appropriate solutions for the business problems. She holds a Masters in Advanced Computing (Machine Learning,  Data Mining and High Performance Computing) and a PhD in Computer Science (Natural Language Processing). 

Sebin Sabu, Data Engineer 

Sebin started at GOSH in 2022 as a Data Engineer. He is very interested on building decision support systems grounded on EHR data. Before joining GOSH, he worked as a part of a digital healthcare start-up based in India. He also have a multidisciplinary research background in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, Lightning Physics, Data crowdsourcing and Smartphone Sensing. 

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Sharath Pasula, Data Engineer

Sharath joined GOSH in 2022 as a Data Engineer. He previously worked with Data warehouse and Business Intelligence teams within the NHS.


Sharath is experienced in extracting and consolidating data from various source systems and build reporting, key performance indicators and national submission pipelines. He's worked on Extract, Transform, and Load data, embracing distributed and parallel computing and configured clustered services to improve performance and accommodate emerging business rules.  

Sebin Sabu V02 23-09-22.jpg
Jonathan Warrin 18-10-23.JPG

Jonathan Warrin, Operational Analyst 

Jonathan joined DRIVE in 2023 as an Operational Analyst in the Clinical Intelligence Unit. His role is to help clinical staff to improve patient care, through targeted data analysis.


Previously, Jonathan worked as a Senior Data Analyst at Genomics England. Jonathan has an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and completed a Masters of Research in Evolution. 

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