We have established a close partnership with the UCL Industry Exchange Network (IXN) where GOSH staff and clinical collaborators provide insight into real-life problems in healthcare. This unique collaboration engages with talented students who have an interest in developing technology to benefit the healthcare sector in three major clinical areas - interoperability, efficiency and innovation. Numerous successful projects have generated prototypes exploring how Computer Science education and research, from Machine Learning to VR, can advance the state of healthcare delivery, with many opportunities for further development. The IXN was created by Dr Dean Mohamedally and Dr Graham Roberts from the UCL Computer Science Department.

The GOSH Charity have funded a new Clinical Informatics Research Programme (CIRP) in close alignment with UCL. Projects are underway with their Interaction Centre (UCLIC) and System Software Engineering students and research themes are:

  • Data and informatics

  • Hardware, devices and infrastructure

  • Human computer interaction

  • Clinical pathways and decision support

The programme will support higher degrees, internships and secondments. We are encouraging our staff to engage with clinical informatics at all levels, whether it be to develop and implement new technologies or improve the uptake of new technology into clinical care. For more information about CIRP please contact Gemma.Molyneux@gosh.nhs.uk

Arm is the global leader for advanced, energy-efficient processor designs in more than 130 billion chips to-date. More than 70 percent of the world’s population are using Arm Technology, which is securely powering intelligence in everyday compute devices including health and fitness trackers, smartphones and connected vehicles. Noel Hurley, Arm Vice President of Strategy commented “Arm technology enables AI at the edge, where compute tasks are carried out locally on the device, resulting in better responsiveness, data privacy and efficiency. These are all critical in a hospital environment, where the technology will provide practical solutions for hospital processes and significantly improve the patient experience.” DRIVE and Arm are collaborating on projects which will directly benefit staff and patients through their use of IoT devices based on Arm technology.

Barclays believes everyone should benefit from the rapid developments in technology, and this is the focus for their partnership with DRIVE.

Steven Roberts, Barclays UK Chief Scientific Adviser, said "The DRIVE unit is a great example of harnessing digital tools to improve real-world experiences, and we're thrilled to support through our Digital Eagles and Eagle Labs. Being part of a push to help train staff to embrace new innovations that benefit them, their teams and most importantly, patients, is both exciting and inspiring."

We are now exploring how to bring the Barclays experience to GOSH.

The Microsoft partnership is focused on leveraging the benefit of their Azure platform and cloud-based data analytics and cognitive services. Cindy Rose, CEO said “We look forward to working in close collaboration with the DRIVE team to further amplify human ingenuity through the application of AI, delivering even greater outcomes for patients and their families.” Microsoft are supporting DRIVE in the use of the cloud based tools required by so many of the DRIVE projects.

The partnership with Microsoft has led to GOSH being recreated in a Minecraft world where patients are able to virtually explore before they visit the hospital and the repurposing of the augmented reality character ‘The Gruffalo’ for GOSH and the wider NHS.

DRIVE has established an important partnership with NHS Digital and we are working together on a project portfolio that will include the adoption of common data standards and interoperability guidelines, such as FHIR which can be used across the NHS, academia and industry, development of synthetic health data and evaluating optimal use of routinely collected datasets.
The work programme will also encompass the challenges of privacy and confidentiality, real-time data access and cyber security.
The collaboration will give government leaders insight into the issues faced by NHS organisations pursuing a programme of digital innovation and together we will develop models to evaluate the use of proven commodity technologies in Healthcare.

NTT DATA’s partnership is focused on novel applications, combining hardware and software, such as holographic displays, augmented reality, AI-driven social robotics.
Tom Winstanley, Vice President said: “As the NTT DATA Group we are continuously investing in applied innovations that combine immersive experience technologies like AR, VR, haptics and social robotics with artificial intelligence: if done right their potential to enhance medical practice is massive and we are convinced that the DRIVE approach will help accelerate this revolution in the NHS.

The Samsung partnership focuses on delivering mobile devices and hardware optimised specifically for healthcare. Samsung has been a vocal supporter of the DRIVE concept and we are now working together looking at how their products can support the health and wellbeing of children and their families.
Suzanne Homewood, Director of Enterprise, Samsung UK said: “By joining forces with the world-class team at GOSH, we are beginning to harness the power of our technology to find solutions to problems that haven’t yet been predicted, and accelerate the growth of digital healthcare. With DRIVE, we now have the ability to incubate and test new ideas which can eventually be scaled to help children, and the teams that care for them in the UK and across Europe. It’s an honour to be involved.”