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Through the Data Research, Innovation and Virtual Environment unit (DRIVE), Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is part of national and global networks focused on healthcare innovation. These involve other NHS Foundation Trusts and medical centres, academia, and industry including start-ups.

These networks support improvements in treatment and care for children and young people at GOSH and on a global scale through:

  • Collaborations on research studies and operational improvement projects using data and advanced analytics

  • Sharing insights on latest innovations and how they were deployed

  • Leveraged funds and opportunities through collaboration

You can find out about some of these below.

European Children’s Hospital Organisation (ECHO)

Children admitted to hospital face unique health challenges that are not always recognized or prioritized by larger health policy initiatives. ECHO was created to address these challenges and improve the health of children across Europe.

GOSH contributes to, and benefits from opportunities with this network as key ambitions for ECHO include addressing data challenges and a lack of research and innovation for the benefit of children in hospital.

You can find out more about ECHO here.  

European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN)

GOSH is a data partner with the EHDEN network, an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) 2 consortium with 23 European partners. The aim of the network is to address current challenges in generating insights and evidence from real-world clinical data at scale to support research and innovation.

As a data partner, GOSH is supporting the mission to reduce the time needed to provide answers in real world, health research. The network will achieve this by developing data infrastructure, collaborating on research methodologies, and education in open science collaboration. The EHDEN Paediatric Network will focus on studies related to child health.

You can find out more about EHDEN here.

Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate (ARC) Network

The ARC network, spearheaded by Sheba Medical Centre, the largest hospital in Israel, has created a global ecosystem that aims to develop, pilot and roll-out healthcare solutions by uniting leading Academic Medical Centres with innovative start-ups and strategic industry partners. Through the ARC Network, GOSH can increase collaborative opportunities with other medical centres and industry including start-ups to develop and test new technologies with a focus on paediatric care.

You can find out more about ARC here.

Children’s Hospital Alliance (CHA)

The CHA is a network of paediatric specialist NHS trusts working together to improve quality, access and experience of hospital care. It is co-chaired by the CEOs at GOSH and Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. It focusses on learning, leadership and advocacy for children’s hospitals, and runs a range of shared programmes including on innovation and tackling health inequalities.

Find out more about the CHA here.

The International Society for Paediatric Innovation (ISPI)

The vision for ISPI is to bring together stakeholders passionate about innovation in paediatric healthcare to function as a united coalition. This includes clinicians and service providers, investors and philanthropists, and most importantly, patients and parents.

Through this network, GOSH has access to meetings and events where expertise is shared, and projects can start or progress. GOSH also has access to and can take part in creating resources to support innovation to help children. 

Find out more about ISPI here.


Future of Health (FOH)

FOH is an international network of leaders in healthcare that aims to facilitate the sharing of challenges, promotes processes, improves leadership and influences broad-based global policy and legislative change through interdisciplinary meetings to address key issues facing the healthcare sector. Qualitative research and conclusions are turned into policy papers and publications serving as a blueprint for the future of health that aligns different stakeholders.

Find out more about FOH here.

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