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Collaboration and partnerships

Working with the GOSH DRIVE unit means co-developing technologies in a real-world healthcare setting to create
practical and scalable solutions. Since 2018, we have collaborated with academia and industry.

Our collaborators benefit from knowledge exchange with leaders in paediatric care, secure data access and proof-of-concept evaluation. The unit is also a dedicated space, close to GOSH that is modern and accessible. We have
hosted events, workshops and meetings that have sparked new ideas and long-term collaborations.

Read about three of our partnerships below and visit our partners page to find out more.

Industry Exchange Network

We were an early partner in the Industry Exchange Network (IXN) with University College London (UCL) Computer Science. The IXN brings together clinical and non-clinical healthcare staff, educators and students, and industry to design proof-of-concept digital technologies. This takes a low risk and minimal cost approach in tackling challenges within the NHS. The IXN methodology was cited as best practice for attracting digital talent in the NHS in the 2019 Topol review.

Our unit has supported hundreds of students and over 60 projects with the IXN. The network has involved work with IBM, Microsoft, Intel and NTT data. We also hosted a hackathon which resulted in six abstracts published in the British Medical Journal Archives of Disease in Childhood. This demonstrates the novelty and high-quality of projects.


UCLMotionInput is a touchless computing technology that started with this programme and is the largest project to date. The open software incorporates a huge range of physical movements, as well as speech, to control a computer. The software can promote hygiene in hospitals, and revolutionise computer use for those with mobility issues.


Sheena Visram, co-founder for UCLMotionInput and PhD student on the Clinical Informatics Research Programme said:


"I want well-designed technologies to be used to deliver the best possible care and safety for patients. I believe we can create a more intelligent and technologically driven healthcare system through partnership between clinicians, industry, and academia.


Computer science for healthcare is exciting and advancing fast, and I’m encouraging clinicians along with the next generation of computer scientists to understand that."

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