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Intelligent Research Hospital

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As Director of Innovation at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) I am proud that we are part of networks that span local and international organisations. We are all striving to improve the lives of patients and their carers, and the entire health system.

Professor Andrew Taylor, Director of Innovation

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GOSH is one of the most digitally advanced hospitals in Europe. The implementation of our comprehensive electronic patient record paired with a state-of-the-art secure, trusted digital research environment sets us apart as an Intelligent Research Hospital. GOSH is a go-to centre for innovation and we aim to leverage data and digital technologies to improve patient care and staff experience.

Innovation cannot happen in isolation and embracing new ideas can break down existing silos and uncover new ways of working. Established in 2018, the GOSH Data Research, Innovation and Virtual Environment (DRIVE) unit is a centre of engagement for innovation. We have collaborated with our staff and other NHS Trusts, academic institutes, and commercial organisations. I would like to thank our collaborators that have contributed their expertise, their ideas, and their time to take forward projects to improve health services for the future.

The DRIVE unit has had far reaching impacts for our staff, academic and industry collaborators. Our team has grown five-fold which highlights the demand for and significance of our work. Health leaders, commercial organisations and policymakers are recognising the importance of digital innovation to find new ways to understand complex health conditions and deliver better care.

As a part of GOSH, our patient-centred approach develops digital technologies that are fit for real-world benefit to children’s health. Digital technologies and data-led approaches can transform the care provided to patients, improve the experience for staff delivering care, and introduce efficiencies for the healthcare system. However, innovation is complex. Ideas may fail, they can challenge the status quo, or even be disruptive.

In this report we will reflect on our work so far. We will introduce just some of our inspirational collaborators at the DRIVE unit who have taken forward innovative ideas to transform the use of digital technologies in the health service.

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