DRIVE Principles

These three core principles underpin the work of DRIVE.

Turning bold ideas into action

DRIVE facilitates the development of ideas into new data and technology solutions that are scalable across the NHS and beyond. Our robust data infrastructure and capability in data science enable us to carry out early-stage testing of new data driven technologies in healthcare settings.



DRIVE brings together expertise and experiences in a collaborative approach as together, we can do so much​. We provide colleagues within Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), as well as external partners in the NHS, academia and industry with access to subject matter expertise and resources including non-identifiable data where appropriate.

Engagement with our staff, patients and families

Children and young people and those that support them are at the centre of what we do. Involvement and engagement of patients, families and hospital staff will help DRIVE and our partners to make the most of game-changing technologies. We endeavour to grow a culture of innovation and embed the adoption of clinical informatics across GOSH.

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