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 Innovation Hub: A centre for engagement


The DRIVE unit is well positioned to catalyse innovation with a dedicated hub that connects clinical and non-clinical experts with project support, data science and technology partners, and evaluation with patients and families.

Ideas from staff that have been taken through proof-of-concept testing include an on-demand catering service to improve the experience for patients and families, a mobile application to support parents and families with the information they need in a health emergency, and an electronic calculator to find out the dose of medication required for a particular condition.


The team have also worked collaboratively with companies of various sizes across public, private and not-for-profit sectors. DRIVE is interested in collaborating with partners to share experience and skills, as we know that more can be achieved together.

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and ideas on how to improve treatment and care, and the way the hospital works. We support them to make changes that can benefit patients and carers, and staff at GOSH and beyond.

Leading the way for data navigation

In collaboration with cardiology teams, GOSH DRIVE made a new information dashboard that collated and displayed vital data on patient outcomes in a rapid and accessible way. It is estimated to save approximately 10 hours of analyst time per week compared to the time it takes to manually curate the information. It can also improve support for patient care discussions by bringing more useful information together and presenting it all in one place.

Dr Cho Ng, Lead Consultant in GOSH’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit said:


“We had been struggling to find the most efficient way to put together and understand the information we needed, so we worked alongside data scientists at DRIVE to create a new dashboard. This has made the information more accessible for our team within the trusted digital research environment.”

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Ideas@GOSH is a platform dedicated to problems and solutions, capturing the
needs and ideas of our staff, patients and families. The suggestions are triaged by an inter-disciplinary group of hospital staff, breaking down silos and ensuring staff can get more holistic support.

In the first 18 months since its launch in 2022, we have had over 110 ideas submitted including for software tools, virtual reality and data dashboards. This shows that the platform is vital to encourage a culture of innovation where peoples’ ideas are valued and worked on collaboratively.

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