The Team

Professor Neil Sebire, Chief Research Information Officer and DRIVE Managing Director

Neil is a Consultant and Professor of Paediatric and Developmental Pathology at GOSH/ICH(UCL), a founding Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and an experienced clinical academic, having authored over 750 clinical research papers and supervised numerous student projects. Neil is the Trust’s Chief Research Information Officer providing direction for the research aspects of the Electronic Patient Record Programme and is one of the founding Directors of DRIVE, now leading the team and DRIVE Board as Managing Director


Dr Shankar Sridharan, Chief Clinical Information Officer

Shankar is a Consultant Fetal and Paediatric Cardiologist and has worked at GOSH since 2001. Shankar is the Trust’s Chief Clinical Information Officer, providing clinical leadership and direction for the Trust’s Electronic Patient Record Programme, and is responsible for promoting clinical engagement. Shankar is also one of the founding Directors of DRIVE, leading on the design and delivery, and sits on the DRIVE Board.


Sue Conner, DRIVE Director of Operations

Sue is a NHS Senior Manager with over 20 years’ experience working as a Chief Pharmacist, General Manager and Programme Manager. At GOSH Sue led the implementation of two major Clinical IT Systems and operational reviews at Executive level. Sue has extensive experience of change management and organisational knowledge within GOSH and the wider NHS. Sue was responsible for establishing the DRIVE Unit and is now the Director of Operations and on the DRIVE Board.


Dr Natassa Spiridou, DRE Design and Delivery Lead

Natassa has over 15 years’ experience in bioinformatics through roles at Cancer Research UK and Illumina delivering analysis packages, databases and visualisation tools. Natassa has previously led projects at the Biomedical Research Centre at Kings College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust involving data linkage, setting-up a research platform and establishing informatics and governance for the use of primary care data in partnership between the university, commissioners and public health. Natassa is the lead for the DRE team.


John Booth, DRE Senior Data Steward

John has worked in IT for over 30 years across many industry sectors and has been developing SQL database systems since the mid 90’s. At GOSH John has specialised in data extraction from complex healthcare systems for clinical research and now leads on the emerging FHIR standard for interoperability of research data. John is currently undertaking an MSc in Data Science to further his data analytic skills and is the Senior Data Steward in the Digital Research Environment (DRE) Team.


Dr Richard Issitt, DRE Communications and Engagement Lead

Richard is a Paediatric Clinical Perfusionist at GOSH and specialises in cyanotic pathophysiology and techniques enabling incompatible heart transplantation. Richard has published more than 20 research articles and his current research interest is in data stream visualisation from medical equipment to enable predictive modelling of clinical outcomes. Richard is leading the engagement with staff across GOSH and UCL’s Institute of Child Health promoting the DRE and use of the research platform.


Dr Will Bryant, DRE Data Scientist

Will has previously worked in academia with a focus on multi-omics data integration to gain insight into bacterial/host metabolic interactions. He is the lead for image analysis, enablement and support within the DRE team and supports various projects in clinical research, image analysis and computer vision. Will is also involved in developing the in-house data model for merging multiple streams of clinical data for research, including external interoperability using FHIR.


Dr Gemma Molyneux, Lead for the Clinical Informatics Research Programme

Gemma has previously worked in academic and commercial research with a focus on haematology/stem cell biology before moving into Research Management. In the NHS and academia Gemma has subsequently coordinated international research programmes and is now leading the development of the clinical informatics research programme at DRIVE.