DRIVE Partners

Our unique combination of partners, both nationally and internationally, brings an array of capabilities to DRIVE. We have established a close partnership with the UCL Industry Exchange Network (IXN) with GOSH ‘clients’ providing insight into real-life problems in Healthcare under the auspices of DRIVE.  We are also establishing an important partnership with NHS Digital working together on projects to benefit the wider NHS.

We similarly offer our Industry partners the opportunity to work alongside us on early phase studies which may lead to larger scale trials in the hospital or commercialization opportunities. Principles of partnership are to select companies with an outstanding international reputation for technology including expertise in mobile devices, processors and sensors and other specific areas of digital capability.  We have now established founding partnerships with an impressive selection of companies namely Microsoft, Samsung, ARM, NTT Data and Barclays. 
We are also working on a process for engagement with SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) supported by partner and NHS expertise.


As the leading global company for mobile device and Internet of Things (IoT) microchip design, the ARM partnership focuses on device hardware, especially medical applications for IoT. Noel Hurley, Vice President commented “Arm technology enables AI at the edge, where compute tasks are carried out locally on the device, delivering significant benefits in terms of responsiveness, data privacy and efficiency. These are all critical in a hospital environment, where the technology will provide practical solutions for hospital processes and significantly improve the patient experience.” DRIVE are working with ARM on projects which will deliver direct benefit to staff and patients through IoT devices.


Barclays, are now one of the UK leading companies for training in IT and technology and this is the focus of their partnership with DRIVE.

Steven Roberts, Managing Director of Barclays UK Ventures said "The DRIVE unit is a great example of harnessing digital tools to improve real-world experiences, and we're thrilled to support through our Digital Eagles and Eagle Labs. Being part of a push to help train staff to embrace new innovations that benefit them, their teams and most importantly, patients, is both exciting and inspiring."

We are now exploring how to bring the Barclays experience to GOSH.


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The Microsoft partnership is focused on leveraging the benefit of their Azure platform and cloud-based data analytics and cognitive services. Cindy Rose, CEO said “We look forward to working in close collaboration with the DRIVE team to further amplify human ingenuity through the application of AI, delivering even greater outcomes for patients and their families.” Microsoft are supporting DRIVE in the use of the cloud based tools required by so many of the DRIVE projects.

The partnership with Microsoft has led to GOSH being recreated in a Minecraft world where patients are able to virtually explore before they visit the hospital and the repurposing of the augmented reality character ‘The Gruffalo’ for GOSH and the wider NHS.


DRIVE has established an important partnership with NHS Digital and we are working together on a project portfolio that will include the adoption of common data standards and interoperability guidelines across the NHS, academia and industry.

The collaboration will give government leaders insight into the issues faced by NHS organisations pursuing a programme of digital innovation and together we will develop models to evaluate the use of proven commodity technologies in Healthcare.


NTT Data’s partnership is focused on novel hardware such as holographic displays and robotics.
Tom Winstanley, Vice President said: “As the NTT DATA Group we are continuously investing in applied innovations that combine immersive experience technologies like AR, VR, haptics and social robotics with artificial intelligence: if done right their potential to enhance medical practice is massive and we are convinced that the DRIVE approach will help accelerate this revolution in the NHS.


As a global technology giant in device manufacturing, the Samsung partnership focuses on mobile devices and hardware optimised for healthcare.
Samsung are vocal supporters of the DRIVE concept and we are now working together looking at how their devices can support the health and wellbeing of children and their families.