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Ideas@GOSH submission examples

Thanks to the contribution of staff from across GOSH including psychology, pharmacy, neurology and CATS, from allied health professionals, nurses, consultants, service managers and record managers, we have collated and collaborated on innovative ideas from all across the hospital.  

You can read some of them below.


Data projects


The idea: “We want to track asthma outcomes, incorporating patient reported outcome measures, lung function, and physiological measures to link these measures with medication adherence.”  

The action: In collaboration with colleagues in our Heart and Lung Directorate, data experts at DRIVE are looking at how to produce a unified report like this. 


The idea: “A platform for recording experimental drug use at GOSH.”  

The action: This work is being explored with data experts at DRIVE and pharmacy colleagues and includes researching sources of funding for the project. 


Digital technology and innovation 

The idea: “Paperless, interactive medicines information for both children and families available at the scan of a code.”  

The action: This work is being taken on as part of our Children’s Medicines Centre focus on sustainability in medicines. 


The idea: “We provide an electronic drug calculator in pdf format for the users of our service… the form can be filled in with patient weight and age – it then auto-calculates the relevant numbers. Most of the formulae for the drug infusions need some adjustment, and we would like to expand the number of drugs included.”  

The action: A project manager at DRIVE explored this idea and found they could link this team in with other clinical colleagues that had developed a similar calculator and could be adapted for their purposes.  


The idea: “Development of a virtual reality programme to allow children and young people to experience the steps of a blood test procedures / procedural fear procedures from a first-person perspective... to give CYP and families an opportunity to understand the process of a blood test in a non-threatening manner, supporting them to feel confident and safe”  

The action: With this team, DRIVE is exploring use of augmented and virtual reality technologies including meeting with companies that could co-develop this technology. 


No idea or issue that you are hoping to tackle is too small, and we hope these examples have provided some inspiration for your submission to Ideas@GOSH. We look forward to working with you.  

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