The Innovation hub Team


Stephen Mathew, Service Manager DRIVE & Acting Head of Cell and Gene Therapy Service

Stephen currently manages the daily operations at the Cell and Gene Therapy service and at DRIVE where he leads a team of project managers working on several innovation projects.

Prior to joining DRIVE in July 2021, Stephen worked as a manager in operations across Laboratories, Pharmacy and Biomedical Engineering at GOSH, where he led on service improvement projects such as interfacing the trust’s robotic medicines dispensing platform with the Electronic Patient Record to automate the packaging of medicines.


Paul Gough, Partnership and Project Manager

Paul joined GOSH in 2011, and started in DRIVE in March 2021. Prior to joining DRIVE, he worked in operations, acting as the manager for a large range of medical, surgical and laboratory services. During this time his particular focus has been genetics, having worked with the Clinical Genetics team since joining the Trust.

Paul has always been interested in innovative projects and was a key part of the GOSH team who worked with 3M colleagues to introduce the Fluency Direct product to GOSH. He has been deeply involved at GOSH and has served as an elected Governor, one of 27 people who oversee the work of the Board.


Natalie Shortt, Project Manager

Natalie is Project Manager for our portfolio of commercial data partnership projects. This includes leading on partner relationship management, and developing and tracking delivery of objectives. She joined DRIVE in April 2022.


Prior to joining DRIVE, Natalie worked as a Digital Transformation lead in the NHS and has delivered of a suite of new programmes. These included configuration, testing and implementation of digital systems for clinical patient data management and communications.  


Geralyn Oldham, DRIVE Quality and Outcomes Manager

Geralyn joined the DRIVE team in January 2022. She has a background in intensive care nursing and clinical informatics. Over the last 10 years she has co-developed a systematic approach to evaluating patient and family experience of their care at GOSH. This work supports clinicians in planning and implementing quality improvement programmes.

Geralyn is interested in demonstrating how the introduction of emerging data driven technologies can support the delivery of healthcare and continuously improve the experience of patients, families, and staff at GOSH

Green Pattern

Georgina Hill, Senior Communications and Engagement Officer

Georgina works across the DRIVE team to communicate ongoing projects as well as their impacts to both internal and external audiences. This includes engaging staff at GOSH with the work of the unit and contributing to the sharing of stories in the media. 

Georgina has extensive experience in communications and engagement including with health research funding organisations and in industry. She is passionate about raising awareness for research and innovation in health and care, and its impact on the peoples' lives.