Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub supports development and early stage testing of data and technology solutions to be scaled in practice at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) and beyond.


The Hub staff have expertise in project and partnership management, and evaluation and outcomes measurement. The hub also brings together expertise from across the hospital in order to develop ideas for use of data and technology, and to test them. This includes a Programme Board with with broad representation from clinical and operational teams across GOSH.

You can find out about some key areas of work below. 

Staff Ideas@GOSH

Innovation is an opportunity to deliver healthcare in new and better ways, as well as address any challenges that staff at GOSH can face.

The Innovation Hub works with staff from across GOSH to discover the problems they face and the very best ideas and suggestions to solve them. Ideas@GOSH is a simple form that captures staff ideas. The team at the Innovation hub can then lend their expertise in innovation to work with relevant teams across the hospital and understand how the idea could be taken forward at GOSH. 


DRIVE also works with staff to test ideas to make sure that their suggested changes are workable and can benefit the hospital, patients and families.

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